US Government Technologies (Apps)


Applications. Who doesn’t love them? They are pieces of software that help our everyday life, make impossible things happen or just make sure we’re not bored while we’re waiting for our fries to be done. We love it. We use it. Daily. It is estimated that there is 1.3 million apps for Android running devices alone, and another 1.2 million for Apple’s OS. So what happens when an app gets it’s way to the government? What is going to happen when an app is accepted on the country or state level?

Taxi App in L.A. – Do you know what Uber is? If not, man – you need to get out more. Uber is, financially, biggest startup in the US, grossing $40 Billion. Yes, you read it right, that’s a B there. So if you are in LA this summer, know that all taxi drivers will be obligated to use an app similar to Uber, as it is decided by the LA Taxicab Commission. And if you think that is Uber-Taxicrazy, well – don’t: drivers who fail to do so will be fined $200/day! Decision was made after e-haul services decimated numbers of cab rides in the city and this way Taxicab is trying to get their numbers back.Struggle for business will continue for sure, but it’s a crystal clear example of how modern software is used to help in real life situation on a large scale.

Parking App in Arizona – Imagine yourself in Tucson downtown, having a stroll or eating a burger when it comes to you – your parked car meter is running out in a minute and you are 20 minutes away! Have no fear, GoTucson is here! This is an app issued by the city logo (3)of Tucson authorities to help people with their parking meters problems. It communicates with meters so you can pay without having to carry bag of change with you. You can also add time to your meter remotely, all you need to do is log in and tell meter what to do.You do pay 25 cents as a fee for using this app, and it goes to developers of the app, but who cares, the future is here!

Phone Banking – We no longer use watches to show us time like we used to do. Neither do we carry calculators, there is an app for that! So, when will we stop carrying credit cards with us? Well, if you are in Pennsylvania and have the newest apple-pay-walkthrough-3version of Apple iPhone or iPad, you don’t need to worry about that since several local banks started utilising Apple pay. Bank management states that this way they are reaching out to their customers, which are going more digital by the day. This trend is only beginning, but we can see how more and more banks are going on with this concepts as they are racing to get more clients. And we all know where the clients today are.